We have strayed from traditional values

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great article

Great read. My Governor is doing the same thing. But pretty soon. Texans will have to make the same decision

chris prior more than 3 years ago

TEA party.

Excellent article. I'm someone who would be seen as a person who leans more to the right, but I share the same feelings as you do when it comes to the TEA party movement, and the overall ideology that supports a hands off government in market matters. These beliefs seem, at least to anyone interested in economic systems and the history surrounding them, to belong in a time where mankind only knew excessive government force and harmful control in markets. They aren't just repeating rhetoric that belongs in the 18th century, but they are acting on their beliefs as well. I try to remain optimistic, and view this as a short term problem in our overall progression as a mixed economy, but sometimes I do fear the power of a demographic known for their consistency in turning up to the voting booths.

matt more than 3 years ago