What’s all the fuss about Common Core?

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Common Core State Standards

I have been researching every aspect of the CCSS for a presentation, and the more I learn, the more appalled that I am. David Coleman, who was head writer of the "work group" who wrote them had NO credentials whatsoever. I found a video of him being introduced that would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Then he got up and "joked" that the introducer should know better than to tell the truth when introducing someone. There was not one specialist in child development, no early childhood educators, no high school math or English teachers, and the two content specialists (look up Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram) who were on the validation committee refused to sign off on the standards. These were the two most highly qualified of all. Stotsky wrote the very respected Massachusetts ELA standards among many other credentials. They are developmentally inappropriate in the lower grades and not rigorous enough to meet university requirements at the high school level. Any good English/Language arts teacher knows that reading should be emphasized over writing (CCSS does the opposite) and literature over "informational text" (which has to be over 50% of the reading). I would have hated reading as a child had I been forced to read dry informational texts instead of fiction. Thank Bill Gates for this experiment on our children.

Diane Woodward more than 2 years ago