Byrd’s baseball diamond in rough spot

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Update to history of current field

I am a Byrd graduate, class of 2004, and played baseball all four years. We began building the current field my sophomore year, 2002 under Head Coach, Ronnie Coker. The field was completed in 2003-2004 under Head Coach Chad Abernathy. We played our first game on that field in 2004 against Natchitoches Central. I give a lot of credit to Coach Ab as that was quite an endeavor for a first time head coach. Since 2004 there have been some upgrades to stands, press box, and cages. I began my tenure at Byrd with no place to call home. I left Byrd with a beautiful field and memories I'll never forget. I truly hope a solution can be found and Byrd continues use of that field. A lot of alumni/parents/coaches/supporters poured blood, sweet, tears, money, and heart into that field. Please don't take that away from the players present and future.

Larry Pierce 81 days ago