Remembering the Shreveport Captains

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FGF/SPAR and the days past

So many of us that grew up in Shreveport from the 70s and 80s have great memories of that place. Mike Martindale in the box, the dot races, seeing Will Clark be a jerk to dozens of children, and so on. It is a shame that Shreveport doesn't have the forethought as a city to keep and maintain things like the Captains.

Scott more than 2 years ago

Shreveport Baseball

I sure do miss Baseball in Shreveport.

Leonard Gresens more than 2 years ago

Save Fair Grounds Field for the local men's senior baseball league!

Please urge the city to save at least the actual field portion of Fair Grounds Field for use by the local men's senior adult baseball league. The city does not own or operate any other adult size field.

David Pratt more than 2 years ago