Should Sen. Mary Landrieu be re-elected?

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At least she votes to unlock gridlock

I don't agree with all her votes, but at least she has the chops to try and unlock the gridlock or de facto government shutdown that has crippled our nation. She does not hide behind political ideology to effect some change.

davet more than 3 years ago

Senator Mary Landreau

Her legacy will have two outstanding points: She supported Obama on his ill fated healthcare fiasco when her constituents begged her not to and she stabbed our US veterans in the back by voting to end debate in the senate to cut our veterans pensions already under contract. Shame on her! Its time for the boot!

Iirving Heard more than 3 years ago

Should Mary Landrieu be re-elected?

If you're excited about the health care changes we're facing in this country then yes! But for and mine... I'm counting the days to the election, where I can vote for anyone but her!!! She sold us out for her liberal agenda... Socialism doesn't work !

Anthony more than 3 years ago